Manager’s Message

Sr. Anice George
Greatness is never conferred upon, it is always achieved

True to our institutional motto “Virtue and labour”, the students, staff, parents and all those who are associated with the institution, practice justice, charity, honesty, truthfulness, generosity, loyalty and gratitude. From the time of its inception since 1939, Presentation Convent Senior Secondary school has been scaling great heights in its quest for excellence in imparting human, intellectual, spiritual and moral foundation to the students.

To respond effectively and creatively to the crying needs of today’s society, our school focuses on an educational programme which revolves around equipping its students with such qualities of head and heart that they confidently plunge into any field of activity which is socially useful, intellectually elevating and spiritually ennobling. Today, we live in a world of high-tech communication and it’s important that the Management of Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School preserves the history of our institution, so that the future generations would be able to know and understand its rich legacy. Our God is a God of History and we His people are part of this history which we create from day to day.

May this History remain in the hearts of all those who love this institution for all ages to come. History is first written in human hearts and then it manifests itself in the web-site-in the clouds. At this juncture, I would like to recall the memory of Our Foundress Venerable Nano Nagle who was proclaimed as one of the greatest women of the millennium in Ireland and Sr.Patricia Kelly the pioneer who began this institution. I also remember with gratitude all those valiant women who dared to follow their vision with conviction and courage, who made their dream come true through their passionate commitment and dedication. May their unseen, yet real inspiring presence be with us as we keep unfolding our day to day stories. I send vibrations of joy and gratitude to all those who now and in years to come would access our web-site. May all enjoy God’s abundant blessings.

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