Sr. Hema Barretto

The glory of life is all around us. God constantly seeks to participate in our lives. This universe carries His signature; His love, compassion, understanding. We are living in turbulent times of strife and speed and we forget to observe momentary pause in our lives and live in that stillness which is deep in our souls. If we look within, we will experience enormous awareness and strength. In our journey of life we come across people who have obvious talent. There are others who think and feel there is nothing unique to celebrate. In order to break this misconception, we all need to undertake that purposeful journey, to delve deeper and discover our own selves. God has endowed every person with unique gifts and talents.

Many a time a person or a moment comes by who unearths this treasure within. We are called to surrender believing that each person is a cherished being well wrought by the hands of existence, seasoned by the flights of time, steered to a priceless destiny to unravel the beauty and truth of life. Whatever we are searching for is not outside but within us. Only we can unwrap the gift that is in the depths of our being. Delve deep to find the hidden treasure and celebrate your uniqueness!

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