Principal Message

Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

Life is a series of new beginnings…We start, we reach, we reset and we start all over again…That is the design of life .As I take up the helm of affairs from Sr. Hema Barretto I express my heart felt gratitude to her and the team of teachers who worked efficiently and effectively to take the school to greater heights during the pandemic through all its unprecedented events and happenings .Education is one of the means to transmit the light of life and spread the radiance there of in the ambience in which we live. Inspired by the teachings of our Founder Ven. Nano Nagle, Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School upholds "Virtue and labour" to provide value based quality education to our students, igniting their creativity and imagination, promoting life skills of critical thinking and fostering in them love for nature. We aim at the integral development of each student and lay a lot of impetus on honing every aspect of a student’s personality to empower them to face the future with confidence.

The new normal created by the pandemic has unsettled the usual rhythm of human lives all over the world. It has affected people from all walks of life and of different age-groups. It has challenged our modern way of life specially the education system by changing the teaching - learning process into the digital mode. These times of crisis have given us an opportunity to reset, recalibrate and rethink on our way of living.

Learning is not only about bookish knowledge, but also the physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing of the students. As the pandemic drags on, many students are experiencing emotional or mental anxiety because of social distancing and the closure of schools have added stress. The purpose of knowledge is not to build memory but to create understanding and transformation. Therefore it is important for students to be engaged in meaningful and productive activities.

The best way is one-to-one personal contact through sharing, talking, providing tips and counselling which will put students on the right track. Different activities need to be in place to cope with the current situation by making a balance between academics and co -curricular activities .Equal importance to be given for sports, yoga, art, music and healthy food habits, as these are crucial to the health of students.

Healthy parenting comes handy at this time to support the mental well- being of their children. Spending quality time with family can enhance healthy living. Instead of feeling angry because of one unfavourable time, start feeling grateful for the million moments which went right. Give a listening ear to the young and the old who needs your attention. The child’s creative side is developed outside the school. Her interaction at home, regarding the work done in school may give her the appreciation and affirmation that she needs to build up her self -esteem. Parents who encourage their children to use their imagination and creativity become innovative, so as to find solutions to break the monotony of the present scenario.

Our focus is to keep the lantern of Ven. Nano Nagle burning bright in our students bringing hope and joy in the lives of many who will cross their path.

Sr. Amelina Rodrigues